Alfred CCTV Camera App for Android Review: Keep an Eye on Your Home

Alfred CCTV Camera App for Android Review: Keep an Eye on Your Home – Having a CCTV camera installed in your home is a great way to keep an eye on your property and ensure that everything is safe and secure. With the Alfred CCTV Camera for Home android app, you can now watch your home from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Alfred CCTV Camera App, exploring its features and capabilities to help you decide if it is the right security solution.

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Introducing Alfred CCTV Camera App

Alfred CCTV Camera App is a powerful CCTV camera for Android that provides a comprehensive security solution for homes and businesses. It is designed to provide users with a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use system that enables users to monitor their property from any location.

How to set up Alfred CCTV Camera App

Setting up Alfred is a breeze; you can run it in no time. All you need is the Alfred app, available on Android and iOS, and your home Wi-Fi network.

  1. First, download the Alfred app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, open it and log into your account (or create a new one if you don’t have one).
  3. Next, connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi network, using the app to scan for available networks.
  4. Once you select your home network, enter the password.

The app will then prompt you to enter a name for your camera, and once this is done, you are all set.

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The main features of Alfred CCTV Camera App

  1. 4/7 LIVE STREAM: With Alfred’s live streaming, you can easily monitor your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The app offers a crystal clear view of your home in real-time, so you can keep an eye on what matters most to you.
  2. SMART INTRUDER ALERT: Alfred’s Smart Intruder Alert feature lets you know when someone enters or exits your home. You will be notified with a push notification and/or email, so you can take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.
  3. UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE: With Alfred’s unlimited cloud storage, you can store up to 30 days of footage with no extra cost. All of your recordings are securely stored, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.
  4. NIGHT VISION: Alfred’s night vision feature allows you to see clearly even in low light conditions. With this feature, you can see what’s happening at your home during the night without having to worry about being able to see clearly.
  5. WALKIE-TALKIE: Alfred has a two-way audio feature which allows you to speak directly with your family or friends from anywhere in the world. With this feature, you can have a conversation with anyone who is inside your home in real-time.
  6. ZOOM, SCHEDULE, REMINDER, TRUST CIRCLE, SIREN: Alfred also offers several other features that allow you to customize the way you use your CCTV camera. You can zoom in and out of the video feed, set up reminders for when to check the camera feed, create a trust circle for specific people who should receive notifications about activity in your home, and even set off a siren when triggered.

All of these features are designed to help make your home surveillance experience more secure and efficient.


In conclusion, Alfred CCTV Camera App for Home Android app is a great choice for those looking to add an extra layer of security to their home. It is easy to set up, with a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to easily access the various features and functions