Download Google Family Link App 2023: अपने परिवार के सदस्यों पर ऐसे रखे नजर

Download Google Family Link App 2022| Best Family Link App in 2022 – If your child or younger brother or sister studies online or uses the phone on a smartphone, then you can keep an eye on their phone if instead of studying they are playing video games or wasting their time in the wrong place. are doing. 

If so, then definitely use Google’s Family Hyperlink Parental Manipulate App once. Whether your kids are young or teenagers, the Circle of relatives hyperlink app helps you to set up virtual fundamentals remotely from your device so that they can control their phone while they study, play and discover online.

Google Family Link App

For children under the age of thirteen (or the applicable age of your consent to us), Own Family Link allows you to create a Google Account for your child, the same as your account, to access most Google services.

Features of Google Family Link App

Instruct Kids for Right Use of Smartphone

See their app interest – now not all performance times are the same. Help your child make healthy choices about what they do on their Android device, with Interest Reports that reveal how much time they’re spending on their favorite apps. You can view daily, weekly or month-to-month reports.

Manage their apps – Simple notifications allow you to approve or block apps your child wants to download from the Google Play Store. You can also control in-app purchases and hide unwanted apps on their phone without even touching their phone.

Nurture their curiosity – It’s hard to figure out which apps are right for your kid or little sibling, so the Google Family Link App shows you trainer-approved apps on Android that you can add to their phone right away.

Control Screen Timing of Your Kids

Set Time Limits – This is as much as you do to set the right amount of exposure time in your child. Own Family Hyperlink lets you set time limits and bedtimes for their supervised gadgets, so you can help them achieve proper stability.

Lock their device – Whether it’s time to go out and play, have dinner or just spend time together, you can lock their phone whenever you want with this tool.

Check Live Location Of Your Kids with Google Family Link App

Helps locate your child or younger sibling while on the go. As long as they have their personal Android phone with them, you can use the Google Family Link App to help locate them.

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