Download TRAI DND 3.0 App and Block Spam Calls and Message

TRAI DND 3.0 App: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has introduced the TRAI Do Not Disturb 3.0 App to strengthen mobile users in India against the hassles of unwanted calls and texts. Despite initial technical glitches, TRAI is actively working to improve the user experience.

TRAI DND 3.0 App
TRAI DND 3.0 App

TRAI DND 3.0 App Objectives

TRAI, the regulatory authority overseeing communications in India, has developed the TRAI DND 3.0 App to allow users to report and block harassing communications effectively. However, early users faced technical issues, leading TRAI Secretary V Raghunandan to assure the public that the authority was working to resolve these issues immediately.

TRAI DND 3.0 App Updates

Acknowledging the reported bugs, TRAI has roped in external agencies to identify and fix the issues within the app. Significant development has been made to address the problems on specific Android devices, with plans to make the app universally compatible across all devices by March 2024.

TRAI DND 3.0 App Features

Raghunandan highlighted the significant decline in harassing calls and texts in India and attributed this positive change to the improvements made to the DND app.

Alan Mamedi, CEO of Truecaller, shared that with over 270 million active users in India, the app helps users report around 5 million spam calls every day. The ongoing improvements and increased compatibility in the TRAI DND 3.0 App are expected to reduce spam calls further, thereby contributing to a better mobile experience for users.

How to use TRAI DND 3.0 App

Follow these steps to use the TRAI DND 3.0 App.

Step 1:- Find the TRAI DND 3.0 app on the Google Play Store.

Step 2:- After that, click Install and wait until the app is downloaded and installed on your phone.

Step 3:- Launch the installed TRAI DND 3.0 app.

Step 4:- Complete OTP verification to sign in.

Step 5:- Once you sign in, your number will be added to the Do Not Disturb (DND) list, blocking unwanted calls and texts.

Step 6:- If you still receive harassing calls or texts, use the app to report and lodge a complaint with your telecom service provider for further action.

Download TRAI DND App Here